James Edward Sortore (1853-1934)

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Sometime before 1730 Jacob and Catherine Sortore came to this country from the Palatine region of Germany. They and their family first settled in Somerset County, New Jersey. They had at least four children and most probably five. Other spellings of the name include SORTOR, SORTER, SARTOR, and SALTER. We are working on gathering data on the descendants of this couple and are researching both male and female lines of descent. At the present time we have been able to find over 8,000 descendants and spouses. So just how many are there of the family in the United States? Well to see how many SORTORE's there are click here and to see how many SORTOR's there are click here. Sorry SORTER's there appears to be too few of you to be counted.

We are including some of the results of many years of research by members of the family. This includes a searchable data base and a narrative report of the first three generations in this country.

In 1995 we released a book on the family and we put out a newsletter several times a year. If you have any additions, would like more information on the family, or a copy of the book or newsletter please contact me.

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